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Phonovation is Ireland’s largest Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provider. With 2,240 cloud based lines we can offer greater efficiencies at a lower cost thanks to our proven technology.


Phonovation’s IVR platform can handle 2,240 calls simultaneously. We currently process over 10 million calls per annum.


Most companies’ physical IVR systems can handle a small amount of calls. However any time that more people call than there are lines available there’s a problem. The excess people will not get through and, even worse, you will not even know that they tried to call. That could be angry customers lost forever or new business wasted needlessly.

By using Phonovation’s proven IVR platform to handle any overflow or indeed all of your inbound calls you are sure never to miss another call. As the lines are cloud based you only pay for the lines when you use them, making this the most cost effective system available.


Reduce costs

By using Phonovation’s intelligent IVR platform you can greatly reduce costs by automating inbound call responses, all while improving customer service. Use automatic responses to direct callers to the right department, hold the line or automate the entire call. We can offer a different solution to each company based on their unique requirements. One size does not fit all.

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About our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services


Remove the barriers for new customers to call your business.


Phonovation can quickly set your business up with one or more National Low Cost Numbers. Benefits include:

  • Reduced charge or Freephone numbers ensure customers are far more likely to call your business
  • Control over cost with multiple options
  • Increase the profile of your business with a memorable number that you can choose
  • No need to change your landline number it will continue to work as before
  • Numbers can be retained after premises change
  • Single setup cost for multiple numbers
  • Exceptional support offered directly to your customers as well as to your business
  • Full portability of numbers from incumbent provider to Phonovation

National Low Cost Number Options

National Low Cost Number Options

1800 Number – Freephone to caller

1890 LoCall – Shared cost timed

1850 Callsave – Shared cost fixed

0818 Universal Access Number – Freephone to caller, advertise in any country

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