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Custom build communications Software as a Service (SaaS) for your business.


One size does not fit all


What we are truly passionate about is creating custom communications and payments software for our clients. At Phonovation we know that each business is completely unique so we adopt a one-size-does-not-fit-all approach. Each robust software solution is designed to fit the specific requirements of the client. They are always innovative and dependable.

Examples of our work

Vodafone Bulk SMS Platform – This powerful platform has hundreds of active users, sending in excess of one million messages per month. The Return on Investment for these has been in excess of 300%.


RTE Live Events – All RTÉ competitions with SMS and Automated Voice entry are run through Phonovation’s premium rate services software.


BT Portal – An application designed to create, maintain and track Requests for Change (RFC) and Planned Engineering Works (PEW) for BT.

Microsoft Partner

We are a certified Microsoft Silver Partner as assurance that we always adhere to the highest standards. Learn more

Support and maintenance

All custom software development work we do is backed up by our second-to-none support team and software maintenance.

PCI Compliant

We comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, guaranteeing that our payment solutions are of the highest security level.

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Phonovation understands that doing business requires an ability to accept a range of payment options from customers including payments via the web. Phonovation can process authorisation requests in real time and ensure the cardholder has sufficient funds.
We provide state-of-the-art Internet payment solutions, allowing the automation of online sales and payment processing in a wide range of countries.
We also offer one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for merchants who are accepting payments in a call or contact centre environment.

PCI Compliant

We comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, guaranteeing that our payment solutions are of the highest security level.

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Our Web Payment solutions


OnCall Connect

Phonovation have developed a shift worker management system called OnCall Connect, which is currently used by, amongst others, the HSE to manage teams of social workers.


The system allows shift-workers to dial in to one number and log in. As soon as they are logged in, the person who was previously logged in is automatically logged off. People who are calling into the service do so using one number and are automatically directed to the currently logged on person. It’s that simple!

This system was specifically designed for organisations that require reliable channels of communications to be kept open with regularly changing shift workers. All at the lowest possible cost. Examples of its current uses are for security guards, doctors and emergency services workers.


The online aspect to the tool allows for reports to be produced and printed and the status of workers to be viewed by using unique log in credentials.


An account is quick and simple to set up for any sized company.

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About OnCall Connect


Web Design

We design beautiful and functional websites, always keeping UX and the client’s digital strategy in mind.


Software Interfaces

We supply all our clients with a bespoke web interfaces so that they can monitor live traffic to the services running on Phonovation’s platforms.

Custom mobile websites

Our market leading Bulk SMS platform InteractSMS allows customers to build their own custom websites. This free to use software requires no development by the customer and uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to build any mobile website.
Phonovation can also design custom mobile websites for customers on request.

Social Media Consultancy

Phonovation provides full audits of your social footprint and works with you to develop a complete social strategy in line with your business strategy.

We work closely with you and draw up a detailed reports of what specific actions need to be carried out to obtain real engagement with a wider social community and ultimately increase your brand awareness and sales.

App Development

Phonovation develops mobile applications for all handsets. Each app is uniquely designed depending on your business objectives. We can develop apps for all budgets and industries.

Combined IVR and SMS Services

As the market leaders in SMS and IVR services, we can offer a range of services that combine these two powerful communications tools. Our 28 years of experience means that we can combine these two technologies seamlessly for an incredibly dependable service.


Our combined SMS and IVR services:


Communicator is tool that allows you to communicate effectively at times when you need to concentrate on more important thing. It is a web based mass communication tool designed to talk to your clients during an emergency or outage.


  • Communication during an outage informing your customers what happened and when it will be resolved is imperative for maintaining strong client relationships
  • Contacts your customers by phone, email and SMS simultaneously
  • Customers choose which message format (phone, e-mail or voice) they receive
  • All broadcasts can be controlled via a web interface or can ever be triggered by an SMS
  • Save lists of individuals and groups

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