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Text Marketing Example: A Wine Store

We have continually highlighted the phenomenal 98% open rate of SMS communications, delivering a more effective customer touch point. However this means that it is extremely important that your message is relevant. Here is an text marketing example to show you a framework of how all of your broadcasts can be relevant to each specific customer.

In this text marketing example we will look at a wine store. Though this method will work for any type of retail business.

The Typical Text Marketer

As a wine merchant, your competitors may source a great new Chardonnay at a reasonable price and rightly want to tell their customers about it to get them back in store.

They send the text message out to their entire opt-in list of 50,000. What is the result? 1,000 bottles of Chardonnay bought off the shelf with a 5% opt-out rate. Not so bad?


SMS marketing example of a wine store message


The Relevant Text Marketer

As the relevant marketer you will do much more with the same bottle of Chardonnay. Unlike your competitors you use InteractSMS’s Smart Filters to segment your CRM list so that the message is only delivered to the most relevant customers; in this case, Chardonnay lovers.

In the example below you can see each customer’s wine preference, based on their purchase history from your POS system. For this broadcast you only send it to the 10,000 of your 50,000 customers whose ‘Grape Variety Preference’ is ‘Chardonnay’. What is the result on this occasion? 1,000 direct sales with less than a 1% opt-out rate. This relevant marketing message has resulted in a decreased SMS cost, a higher ROI and a lower opt-out rate.

Why? Because people are far happier to receive marketing texts when they are relevant to them.


Here is how the first few customers in your CRM may look that you can upload to your bulk SMS platform

Here is how the first few customers in your CRM may look that you can upload to your bulk SMS platform

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