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Tallaght Hospital Case Study

Tallaght hospital opened 7 years ago bringing 3 of the oldest hospitals in Dublin together: the Adelaide, the Meath and the National Children’s Hospital.


As they grew in size a need developed to reduce their considerable overheads necessary to take payments from patients. They also hoped to increase the number of payments made. This system would have to be low-cost to setup and extremely easy to operate. Due to the large number of hospital bills, if they could find a system to meet all of these criteria then it would greatly improve their financial position.



In March 2012 Tallaght Hospital’s finance department found more than they were looking for when they contacted Phonovation. As Ireland’s largest automated voice and bulk SMS provider Phonovation had the expertise to deliver to Tallaght Hospital exactly what they needed at a very low cost.
They quickly set up an automated call payment system to allow patients to pay all of their hospital bills. The service is available 24 hours a day and is extremely convenient for patients to use. It also significantly reduces the amount of resources required to take payments as it is completely automated.
Any questions that the hospital had were answered immediately by Phonovation’s expert customer support team. “The account management team and support have always been extremely helpful and prompt when we have queries”



“Since the introduction 2 years ago we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of payments being made through the 24 hour phone line. It also allows us to be more effective and efficient with our limited use of resources.”
Tallaght Hospital has also been able to redirect resources that were used to take payments and put them to greater use contributing to the important work that they do. In fact the automated payments system is so effective that since its installation the billing office has only needed to open for half days. The increase in revenue combined with the great decrease in costs has resulted in a massive return on investment.


Asked for her verdict, Tallaght Hospital’s Avril Allen said:

“I’d recommend Phonovation to any other businesses or organisation. It’s an alternative method of payment for customers to pay their bills. We’ve seen a steady increase in our cash flow since the introduction of the system.”