Interactive Voice Response

Phonovation provides a complete payment processing solution for all industries

Using Phonovation to process customer invoices will reduce administration time and increase the amount of successfully completed payments. This is due to its customer-centric design, ease of use and integrated SMS facility. Using its interactive menu system, Phonovation enables customers to make payments by phone (and/or SMS), significantly reducing the time spent by staff engaged in collecting payments.

Also integrated into the system are powerful SMS tools that enable staff to set up reminders, deliver invoices and issue receipts.

Our automated call handling platform is capable of managing all of your inbound, account related calls. It will process payments or record contact details for administration staff to return the call depending on your requirements.

Managing Payments has never been so easy

I’d recommend Phonovation to any other businesses or organisation. It’s an alternative method of payment for customers to pay their bills. We’ve seen a steady increase in our cash flow since the introduction of the system.

Avril Allen, Tallaght Hospital

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