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Market leading bulk SMS for business platform

Interactive SMS to allow you to communicate with your customers in the most effective way. The open rate for SMS is 98% compared to just 22% for email.

This is the most powerful gateway available and processes over seven million SMS per month. It combines unrivalled functionality with a simple to use interface.


  • Upload and segment CRM lists
  • Personalise messages
  • Two-way messaging
  • Advanced analytics
  • Schedule broadcasts
  • Great customer service
  • Build mobile websites
  • Voucher services
  • Geolocations
  • Integrate with software through API
  • Short codes
  • Keyword services

InteractSMS Price Bundles

* Sterling prices listed are estimates based on current exchange rates.

Get 25 Free SMS Credits!

Simply by activating your account

Get 25 Free SMS Credits!

Simply by activating your account


Bulk SMS messages are used in marketing campaigns to drive consumers to real-world stores, increasing the chances of sales through targeted, powerful and immediate marketing messages. Bulk SMS providers, such as InteractSMS, reliably handle the transmission of thousands of text messages through our SMS Gateway at any given time. InteractSMS's bulk SMS-enabling connections also support two-way text messaging functionality.

Using SMS as a means of making or confirming an appointment is both effective and efficient. Recent studies have shown a marked increase in attended appointments and successful deliveries where a reminder message has been sent in advance. The InteractSMS product will easily integrate with your existing software to automatically send messages at the appropriate time to ensure the best results.

Any organization or business needing to pass critical information on to multiple recipients simultaneously can make use of bulk text messaging. A firm favourite with banks and other financial institutions, bulk SMS alerts are sent to customers warning of activity on their accounts, including 'point-of-sale' receipts as well as confirmation of withdrawals, payments and transfers. These bulk SMS alerts have helped radically reduce fraud for financial institutions as well as reduced incidents of identity theft.

By using the InteractSMS Gateway, a company can send a SMS to a customer that not only informs them that they have an outstanding bill due for payment but, if integrated with the Phonovation automated IVR payment system, would also be able to fully automate the payment process and collect that payment there and then over the phone. This helps increase your revenue whilst simultaneously reducing your staff workload.

Phonovation can provide your organisation with a one-off voucher service or digitise existing instore promotions. These barcodes or visual vouchers are then sent securely to your customer's phone via SMS for redemption at the checkout. Phonovation's reporting interface allows our users real-time redemption data to monitor individual or multiple campaign performances.

Reaching out-of-office employees such as stock brokers and sales people is simple when using a bulk SMS messaging system. Communication of vital information is instant and delivery of the text message can be verified. Emergency response teams around the world use bulk SMS to quickly and effectively co-ordinate crisis response.

Broadcast automation

Free trial / No contract

Low cost

Increase efficiency

Easy to use

Great Support


(Application Programming Interface)

Allows you to seamlessly integrate InteractSMS bulk SMS technology with your existing software.

Integrate with software

Simple to setup

Send straight from your CRM

Real time delivery receipts

Receive incoming messages

Schedule messages

For more information, please see our API Guide or visit InteractSMS website.

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About our API solutions


Short codes are 5 digit phone numbers (e.g. 51234). They can be used as an easily memorable number for customers to contact your company.


Keywords are unique terms entered at the beginning of an SMS to a short code. This will mean that the SMS will go to the business that owns that keyword. For example: Text PRIZE to 51234 to enter our competition. The keyword in this case is PRIZE.

Free text short codes

A free text short code is free for the end user to send and the cost is charged to your InteractSMS account. This is ideal for SMS marketing campaigns to encourage responses. All marketing SMS must also offer a free opt out option.

Standard rate short codes

A standard rate short code is charged to the sender at their networks standard SMS rate.

Shared short codes

A shared short code is used by many. However each company will have a unique keyword. When users send a text to the shared short code beginning with this keyword, the text will go to the owner of that keywords account.

Dedicated short codes

A dedicated short code is only used by your company. Every message sent to it will go to your account. This is ideal for large volume customers.

Premium rate short codes

A premium rate short code is charged to the customer at a set tariff. This is ideal for competitions, donation, voting and more. Learn more here.

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About our Short Code solutions


Phonovation’s Email to SMS service allows you to send text messages to any number or group of numbers through your email account. This is ideal for users who only want to communicate through their email accounts.


No need to create a new email account, Phonovation’s Email to SMS service can work from any existing email address account.


You can even receive and view the SMS replies through your email inbox.


Phonovation’s SMS to Email service allows you to send one text message that will be received as an email to one or multiple email addresses.


This quick to set up solution is perfect for those who need to contact numerous people while on the go, simply by sending one text message.

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