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Retail Benefits: Strategic POS/CRM SMS Marketing


InteractSMS CRM data integration’s main purpose is to bring businesses’ overall contact and strategic data to the SMS world. Using this data Phonovation’s InteractSMS can filter a client’s entire database records and automate campaigns to deliver text messaging that targets pre-set criteria allowing for a much more enhanced customer communication strategy.


Phonovation’s retail clients, rather than sending a one-fits-all broadcast to all their opted-in client database, retailers now have the option to add “Smart filtering” to their raw data. This will allow a subset of the retailer’s audience to be targeted with a more personalised message such as Loyalty Vouchers/Coupons based on past purchasing habits or a very simple “We haven’t seen you in a while” message. This form of messaging creates a closer bond between retailers and their customers.

The integration between Phonovation’s InteractSMS service and the retailer’s EPOS & CRM systems will have a direct cost benefit due to a more accurate set of mobiles to send to, while also enhancing more revenue effectiveness by reducing the amount of messages per campaign with a more dedicated and personalised message.


CRM data integration with InteractSMS can be accomplished in two ways: through a daily excel/csv file upload sent to a dedicated secure ftp folder on the internet, or through direct database import. Either of the two ways have the purpose of bringing pre-selected columns of information to the InteractSMS engine. The integration is a daily occurrence that brings the new CRM data from the previous day. If the retailer has multiple stores, all stores data will be uploaded in the same routine.


 Each retail business has its own unique metrics to contact their audience. However, there is a common set of columns that are typical in such integration. The usual set of columns on a CRM data integration might be: Mobile number, Customer First and Last Name, Purchase Date, Purchase Amount, Product Purchased, Purchase Quantity, Store Name/ID, Store County, Brand, Supplier, Male, Female, loyalty member Etc. Etc. When the retailer requests this level of integration a new list will be automatically available on the platform allowing for messaging to be personalised based on particular criteria.

InteractSMS can filter all forms of customer information and to-date many companies are using the service to link in with existing loyalty schemes making SMS the perfect medium for the delivery of vouchers and coupons which are also linked to the retailers’ EPOS systems.


As an example, this retailer wants to send a campaign to both Dublin and Cork counties for all their customers that have paid more than €100 for goods, but have not been back in the retail outlet in the last year:

We call this the Campaign Rule.

Initial set: Masterlist has 150,000 records

Filtering data: Counties = Dublin and Cork

Last Purchase Date >= 1 year ago

Total Spend >= 100

Filtered data: 25,000 records

The InteractSMS system filters the data by combining multiple columns of information brought from the external POS systems. The message can now be personalised to entice the customer back to the store in either of those two counties.

If you haven’t already considered integrating SMS into your marketing strategy or if you already use this medium but are unsure of the added benefits of integrating with your CRM please don’t hesitate to contact Phonovation for more detailed information on how best to utilise your customer data and enhance your customer communication strategy.

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