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Create regular value adding touchpoints with customers while collecting revenue using Premium SMS and IVR.


Experts in delivering value while generating revenue

Phonovation is Ireland’s largest provider of Premium Rate SMS services


Premium SMS is a quick and convenient way for your customers to pay small amounts for services by SMS. A customer instigates a transaction by texting a keyword to a short phone number called a short code. An SMS is then delivered to their handset and the amount deducted from their phone bill or phone credit instantly.


Premium Rate text campaigns can be ordered & setup within 24 hours. A variety of Premium rate tariffs are available. 24/7 access is given to a reporting interface where entries are tracked in real-time so clients can see incoming traffic, view message content and pick winners for competitions at random.

Top 3 Revenue Generating Services


Why do some people still pay to enter competitions? The key is sourcing good prizes. Many local hotels, bars and restaurants would be happy to give a voucher for a free meal/night away. Why? They benefit from the exposure that comes from the advertising of your competition, and also the possibility of repeat custom. What benefit has that to you? The revenue.

Racing Lines

Just under €24,000 in revenue was generated in 2015 for Irish racing lines. Traffic increases by over 70% on weeks when there are Racing Festivals on, for both Live Commentary and Racing Results.

Information Services

Services like Psychics, Horoscopes, Comment, Crossword results and Obituary lines

Premium SMS is perfect for





Mobile Games


Comment Lines

Gerry Drum of long time Phonovation customer Independent News & Media says:

“Phonovation have really helped us to connect with our customers while creating a large amount of revenue through premium rate services. They set up everything seamlessly and advised us on the all industry best practices, all of which proved incredibly effective. There systems have never given us an issue and their support team is always on hand to enthusiastically help with any queries we have. I would give them a ten out of ten.”

Premium rate services are regulated by: ComReg (Republic of Ireland) and PhonepayPlus (UK)

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Phonovation is Ireland’s largest provider of Premium IVR services.

Using this option you can provide customers with phone based services and charge them a small tariff depending on how much you would like to charge. When a customer calls the dedicated premium rate number that we provide to you, the charge is taken directly from the customer’s phone bill or phone credit. Callers can either be charged by the minute or a set tariff per call.


It is the most effective way for customers to pay small amounts.

Premium IVR is perfect for




Information Services

Customer Service Lines

Premium rate services are regulated by: ComReg (Republic of Ireland) and PhonepayPlus (UK)

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About Premium IVR services


If you sell your products online then you could avail of the world’s most accessible payment method, Direct Operator Billing.

Direct Operator Billing is the state of the art payment service that is available to anyone with a mobile phone. It allows users to charge the cost of a digital purchase to their phone bill in one-click. It’s achieved through a direct integration into the billing systems of the world’s largest carriers including Three & Vodafone.

M-Charge is Ireland’s largest Direct Operator Billing provider and is the exclusive Mobile Billing partner to Microsoft Xbox. Adding Mobile Payments to your service is quick and painless and will increase the number of people who can buy from you.

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