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Photos from “GDPR: The Future of Mobile Communications Seminar”

Phonovation held the third event in their series The Future of Mobile Communications Seminars on 20th Oct at the Odeon Cinema, Point Village, Dublin. This time focusing on GDPR and specifically “how to request, store and use customer contact information in order to achieve compliance with GDPR.”. Thanks so much to all speakers and attendees for what was a very informative event. Speakers, topics and photos below:


-Gavin Carpenter, CEO, Phonovation (MC) “Opening remarks”

-Gonzalo Caro, Global Privacy Manager, Microsoft “What is GDPR, key changes and what it means to customer privacy”

-Paul C Dwyer, CEO, Cyber Risk International “Data is the New Cash – Why GDPR is Essential”

-Brendan Gavin, Senior Associate, ByrneWallace “GDPR – how to minimise key legal risks”



Data is the new cash

Paul C Dwyer Cyber Risk International, providing his talk: Data is the new cash – Why GDPR is important

Two of the main speakers

CEOs, Gavin Carpenter and Paul C Dwyer, Phonovation and Cyber Risk International (Respectively)

How to be compliant with GDPR

GDPR: The future of mobile communications seminar 2017

Costa Coffee Networking

Networking in the Odeon Cinema, Point Village

Delegates began to move in

Entering the cinema screen

The screen site 116

Guests getting ready for the speakers to begin

Our first speaker

Gavin Carpenter, CEO, Phonovation, opens up the seminar as MC

The other speakers await their turn

The other speakers await their turn

The final speaker of the day

The third guest speaker is Brendan Gavin from ByneWallace, giving a talk on GDPR from a legal and contract perspective

Gonzalo is asked the second question

The floor was thrown open to Q&A for a lively discussion

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