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PSD2 is changing the payment services landscape. We can help you to address its requirements by protecting your customers from cyber fraud with PhonoSecure STOP

Identity proofing solutions to help eliminate fraud in financial institutions.

Winner of the Cyber Solution of the Year 2017, awarded by the International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF)


(SIM Take-Over Protection)

SIM Swap Fraud

What is SIM Fraud?

SIM fraud (or SIM Swap) involves fraudsters getting control of your mobile phone number by gathering personal information and changing SIM cards, typically at a mobile phone store.


Who it affects?

Almost everyone who uses their phone to access their bank account. Business accounts are especially vulnerable to large transfers. Personal accounts might be more restricted.

How it works? 

By using identity theft, fraudsters convince the mobile operator that they are dealing with the account holder.  The mobile operator points the number to a fraudulent SIM and now they have control of your details. Through the use of social engineering, the fraudster can gain access to your Bank account.  Immediately they will change pins to lock the victim out and in minutes they can transfer the balance and clear the account.


How to combat it?

Phonovation’s anti SIM swap attack software prevents this kind of attack using data only available to Phonovation.  Phonovation’s service (PhonoSecure STOP) checks if the current SIM card of the customer’s mobile phone can be trusted.  If the number has been ported within a certain time period, our service will flag the interaction as a possible fraud and direct the user to the banks care lines to confirm certain details that only the customer and bank should know i.e previous transactions etc.

Benefits of SIM Swap Protection (STOP)

PhonoSecure STOP

Will maintain a record of all customers’ SIM information

  • Initial baselining of customer’s SIM information & continuous refresh of SIM information at regular periods
  • SIM Swaps that are older than 12 to 24 hours can be assumed genuine and messages can be released to them on request
  • However, when a password reset or account payee is added shortly after a SIM has been changed, the system assumes that the SIM has been compromised and refers the password reset to the call centre agent to verify the customer identity before the passwords are released
  • Phonovation wraps arms around the delivery to make it as easy as possible
  • PhonoSecure STOP will slot in between your company and existing SMS Provider
  • PhonoSecure STOP can be deployed in a relatively short space of time
  • Requires minimal integration effort from your company to go live


Is a future proof platform which can extend to location based proofing as well as SIM validation

  • Ð Ensures strong 3FA identity across all customer channels, e.g. Mobile Banking & Mobile Payments Applications, etc.

Who needs STOP


Insurance Companies

Payment Providers

Mobile Phone Carriers

Email Providers

IT Companies

Any company with Sensitive Customer Information

What is SIM Swap Protection (STOP)?

When you know that the person you are texting sensitive information to is your customer, you can.

  • Allow them to add payee’s with confidence
  • Remove the need for one time password generators
  • Increase the transfer limit in line with the customers needs
  • Allow them to apply for or sign for loans
  • Allow them to verify suspicious credit and debit card purchases by SMS in real time


Network secured and verified messages to your customers and know the person you are communicating with. By doing this you can reduce admin and equipment costs by streamlining the fraud prevention process


Our patented software to remove friction points in the customer journey like one time password generators and transfer limits


Fraud by asking the customer in real-time if they have made a suspicious purchase


In service with a major Irish bank since 2014

Minimal Systems Integration


PhonoSecure STOP slots in between your company and your existing SMS Provider

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About how your business can use PhonoSecure


(Fraud Prevention System)


Q. What is FPS?

A. A completely automated means of investigating suspicious transactions.

Q. How does it work?

A. If a transaction is flagged as suspicious an automated SMS or automated call is sent to the customer to reply if they carried out the transaction. If they confirm that it was them then the transaction is allowed through.

Q. What are the benefits of FPS?

A. Proven to reduce fraud.
Reduce admin and equipment costs by streamlining the fraud prevention process.
Improved customer satisfaction for improved security while improving the customer journey.

FPS Key Facts

Very suspicious

transactions are automatically blocked

Transactions in-between

trigger an automated communication to the customer to either confirm the transaction or block it


transactions are allowed through


is a completely automated transaction check that puts the customer at the centre of the security; improves the customer journey and reduces security admin costs

FPS analyses

and rates transactions such as credit card payments and gives them a rating


In service with a major Irish bank since 2011


About how your business can use PhonoSecure