Mobile ID Authentication

Our Mobile ID Authenticaton API enables companies to seamlessly validate millions of customers in milliseconds.

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API Features

The API has two proven applications:

Verify Mobile Ownership

The SIM card linked to your phone number is your unique identifier within the mobile network. This unique identity is independent of the device or mobile operating system. Our Mobile ID Authentication API verifies ownership of your SIM in real-time.

Key Benefits

  • Unrivalled customer authentication experience
  • PSD2 compliant for authenticating possession
  • Mitigates against mobile identity theft
  • Validate customers without One Time Passwords
  • Secures SMS codes for two-factor authentication

Current Applications

  • Securely binds a mobile app to a device
  • Authenticates customers who are not using an app
  • Ensures SMS codes comply with authentication regulations
  • Replaces hard tokens for verifying customers
  • Reduce authentication queries to customer agents

Account Takeover Protection

Phone numbers are the modern way to authenticate your customer’s identity. Our Account Takeover Protection (ATP) service is designed to mitigate mobile identity fraud by alerting companies in real-time of potential fraudulent account takeovers.

Key Benefits

  • Improves efficiency for detecting and preventing fraud
  • Reduces false-positive rates for fraud alerts
  • Enhances trust scores when verifying transactions
  • Monitors for fraud across omnichannel communications

Current Applications

  • Enables secure retrieval of forgotten login credentials
  • Monitors for SIM swap fraud
  • Helps identify fraudulent credit card payments
  • Connects suspicious transactions with account takeovers

Trusted by market leaders

SIM authentication API is utilised by some of the largest financial institutions in Ireland and the UK. We process over 200 million transactions per year across 100 financial institutions

Modern Authentication

Mobile ID Authentication


Accelerate authentication when onboarding customers and verifying transactions
Mobile ID Authentication


Mitigates against fraudulent account takeovers and mobile identity theft
Mobile ID Authentication


Connects to European operators with exclusive access to Irish mobile networks
Mobile ID Authentication


Removes the need to sacrifice customer experience for PSD2 compliance
Mobile ID Authentication


Processes over 200 million transactions per year across 100 financial institutions