Fraud Prevention System

Our Fraud Prevention System (FPS) provides a fast, efficient and cost-effective method for alerting cardholders of potential fraud.

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FPS has two proven applications:

Card Risk Management & Mobile Identity Protection

Card Risk Management

The service is based on the principle that the individuals most capable of identifying fraud are the cardholders themselves. It enables companies to quickly interact with customers to identify if transactions are fraudulent or legitimate.

Key Benefits

  • Separates legitimate transactions from fraudulent ones
  • Enhances communications with the customer
  • Improves efficiency by reducing false positive rates
  • Monitors, manages and automates all fraud alerts
  • Reduces costs by decreasing contact centre calls

Current Applications

  • Uses transaction data to help cardholders verify payments
  • Helps staff to target actual fraud cases
  • Enables real time engagement with the customer
  • Integrates with robotics technology
  • Automates the management of fraud alerts

Mobile Identity Protection

Understanding advanced fraud techniques is a key requirement for reducing losses. We converge our mobile identity and fraud prevention toolsets to help companies detect and prevent fraud in real time.

Key Benefits

  • Secures communications by monitoring for identity theft
  • Integrates with Card Risk management systems
  • Improves trust scores using mobile network data
  • Strengthens existing verification processes

Current Applications

  • Connects fraud across omnichannel operations
  • Verifies if a customer's mobile is active and reachable
  • Ensures staff are speaking to the real cardholder
  • Identifies phone number spoofing

Trusted by market leaders

FPS is utilised by some of the largest financial institutions in Ireland and the UK. We process over 200 million transactions per year across 100 financial institutions

Modern Authentication

Fraud Prevention System


Accelerate authentication when onboarding customers and verifying transactions
Fraud Prevention System


Mitigates against fraudulent account takeovers and mobile identity theft
Fraud Prevention System


Connects to European operators with exclusive access to Irish mobile networks
Fraud Prevention System


Processes over 200 million transactions per year across 100 financial institutions
Fraud Prevention System


Removes the need to sacrifice customer experience for PSD2 compliance