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Lean Best Practice visit with Phonovation and Enterprise Ireland

On the 12th of April Phonovation hosted an event to share the story of our Lean transformation. We organized this event in conjunction with Richard Keegan of Enterprise Ireland. The event took place in the Phonovation offices in Dun Laoghaire, and we had the pleasure of hosting 21 visitors from several different companies.


Over the course of the morning we showed our guests around our office and talked them through our Lean journey. The guests were split up into three groups and organized into three focus rooms. Each room had a different speaker who spoke about our Lean transformation from their own experience. The speakers were our CEO Gavin Carpenter, our Lean mentor Andy de Vale and our very own Rob Shears, Ruth Mulvaney, Erin Lynch and Pedro Quintas. Each group rotated around the office to ensure that all  visitors heard from every speaker and their perspective of our Lean journey.


Lean applies in every business and process. It is a way of thinking and acting for an entire organization. Lean focuses on creating more value for customers with fewer resources. The focus of Lean organizations is to provide the best value to the customer while creating the least amount of waste. To accomplish this, the focus of management changes from making the most effective use of separate technologies and assets, to making the most effective use of the flow of products and services through the value streams. Lean transformation allows companies to respond to changing customer needs with a high variety and high quality. As a result, information management subsequently becomes much simpler and more accurate.


We were delighted to have shared our Lean journey with our guests. We began this process in April 2016, with a 2-month programme which gave us an overview of the methodology behind Lean. Since then we have been taking part in Lean transformation. We started this programme with Enterprise Ireland’s LeanStart and it  has provided us with a further understanding of incorporating Lean into our culture.

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