Call Handling

Phonovation’s IVR platform can handle 2,240 calls simultaneously. We currently process over 10 million calls per annum.

Most companies’ physical IVR systems can handle a small amount of calls. However any time that more people call than there are lines available there’s a problem. The excess people will not get through and, even worse, you will not even know that they tried to call. That could be angry customers lost forever or new business wasted needlessly.

By using Phonovation’s proven IVR platform to handle any overflow or indeed all of your inbound calls you are sure to never miss another call. As the lines are cloud based you only pay for the lines when you use them, making this the most cost effective system available.

Reduce costs

By using Phonovation’s intelligent IVR platform

You can greatly reduce costs by automating inbound call responses, all while improving customer service. Use automatic responses to direct callers to the right department, hold the line or automate the entire call. We can offer a different solution to each company based on their unique requirements. One size does not fit all.

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