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The Benefits of Bulk Text Messaging

We’ve all used the humble text message to chat with people on a one-to-one basis. What you may not realise is how much they’re utilised to communicate with people en masse. It’s likely you’ve received these messages without even noticing, as they were useful and unobtrusive. Bulk texts are relied...

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Retail Benefits: Strategic POS/CRM SMS Marketing

OBJECTIVE InteractSMS CRM data integration’s main purpose is to bring businesses’ overall contact and strategic data to the SMS world. Using this data Phonovation’s InteractSMS can filter a client’s entire database records and automate campaigns to deliver text messaging that targets pre-set criteria allowing for a much more enhanced customer...

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Regain A Touchpoint With Your Customers

With the advent of globalisation and ecommerce, businesses have lost their vital day-to-day touchpoint with customers. So how do you reach who you want to reach, globally? InteractSMS provides a strategic, indispensable SMS platform that helps businesses find this invaluable touchpoint that creates customer loyalty. What sets us apart from...

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What do you know about SMS Grey routes?

Let’s take a step back in time to remind ourselves of how SMS became so internationally popular within the corporate space.   Once the main cellular telecommunication companies built their international roaming network, there opened up huge opportunities for both users and commercial organisations all over the world. Although the...

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.Net Developer Opportunity Available at Phonovation

Role: Full Stack Mid-Level Developer – ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL   Key deliverables of the role ASP.Net development in C# Database design and development with Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL API development Perform technical development work in the design, development, publishing and test for each project increment Provide necessary documentation...

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Is your retail business prepared with SMS promotions? Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 (Nov. 25th-28th) are coming up fast! If you haven’t heard, Black Friday is the the busiest weekend of the retail calendar, both Physical and online. It has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping...

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New InteractSMS Feature – Mobile Lookup

  Mobile Lookup is new and allows you to search your InteractSMS account for mobile numbers that you have used previously. It is available in the Left Navigation Bar when in the InteractSMS interface.   The number can search four different areas of InteractSMS. You can choose to search any...

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Many retail businesses want to know how our larger customers have gained such large subscriber lists. So we’ve written this answer, and the answer is simple.   They use inbound SMS to add thousands of new customers to their loyalty schemes and you can do the same. So how does...

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